Jun 2017

Codie turned 11

This year we decided to give a North-bound road trip a try where we are going to celebrate Codie's 11th birthday, our plan took us to Kamana Sanctuary Spa Resort in Subic. Going to the resort was a smooth ride and the resort itself was fantastic, it was peaceful and the pool was great for kids too.


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May 2017

Image Strip: GoPro Hero 5

Brough my GoPro Hero 5 for a morning run in BGC.


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Feb 2017

Collection: USA Travel Date

Ella and I planned a travel date together and this will be our first international trip together, our vacation date took us to the United States, from Manila we landed in Detroit then flew to New York City where we met my sister to give us a tour in New York City. We stayed 2 days in New York City, after which we flew to my sisters place in Orlando where we stayed for the rest of our 3 weeks vacation.


04 Feb: New York (217 images in 17 chapters)

We stayed a hotel right in the heart of New York city where it every place is just a walk away, with our two day stay with roam around New York City by foot and not missing any good place to see.

09 Feb: Universal Studios (120 images in 8 chapters)

Our first theme park in Florida, Universal Studios was something new to me, since my last trips in the US I didn't get a chance to visit Universal Studios, so Ella and I are both new to the place.

11 Feb: Disney World Orlando (48 images in 10 chapters)

My second time at Disney World and Ella's first time. As a second timer I didn't I will still be fascinated and have all those goosebumps seeing the parade and the fireworks. Our Disney tour took us to EPCOT, Magic Kingdom and a short walk at the Disney Hollywood Studios.


Jan 2017

Image Strip: Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to the mother of my 3 awesome kids.

I love you and stay awesome!


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Jan 2017

Virgin Beach Resort

A quick last minute getaway before getting back to the real world took me, Ella, Codie and Zach at the Virgin Beach Resort, the resort is situated in Batangas a 3 hour drive to the south part of Metro Manila. This is also our first getaway for 2017.

The place was so relaxing, and the buffet lunch was good as well.


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