May 2016

Image Strip: CityOfDreams

Our quick family summer getaway took us to Nobu Hotel at City Of Dreams


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Mar 2016

Sierra Madre

Together with Ella's cousin Ferdie we went to Sierra Madre for some sightseeing, it's located east side of Metro Manila.

Sierra Madre Mountains is the longest mountain range in the Philippines. Running in the north-south direction from the provinces of Cagayan to the north and Quezon to the south, the mountains form the eastern backbone of Luzon Island, the largest island of the archipelago. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the east. The Pacific coast of Luzon along the Sierra Madre is less developed as the lofty and continuous mountains forms a bold and an almost inaccessible shore, exposed to the full force of the northeast monsoon and the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Some of communities east of the mountain range and along the coast are so remote they are only accessible by plane or boat.


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Feb 2016

Featured image: Colored Jenga

Ella, Codie, Zach and I played this colored Jenga in the evening of Zach's 4th birthday.


Feb 2016

Zach turned 4

Celebrated Zach's 4th birthday at Club Balai Isabel. The resort is a situated outside of Manila a two hour drive from our place. The resort is a perfect getaway location with great amenities such as infinity pool, a 2ft. kiddie pool which the kids enjoy, basketball court, tennis court and a billiard table.


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Feb 2016

Image Strip: US 2016 Trip

US trip - Atlanta - Orlando - SFO.


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